Download Enhilex Address Book Software. Fast and Lightweight. Powerful Search. Excellent for filling in web forms. Fast in-memory database technology allows you to instantly search and access up to millions of records.

Features - Enhilex Address Book Software

The Award-winning Enhilex Address Book Software provides a very efficient way to store your personal information, contacts, or any other type of  information in a lightweight, fast and easy to search database.

Using Enhilex Address Book Software you can become more organized and more effective in the way you work and play.

tickFast and Lightweight - unlike other "bloated" applications, Enhilex Address Book Software uses very few system resources and can run in the "background" the whole day, while you work. This instant access allows you to quickly call up the application as you retrieve contact, database or any other information.


tickPowerful Search - "As you type" search gives you instant access to your data, whether you remember the entire name or the card or just part of a keyword.


tickExcellent for filling in web forms - using the stay on top feature, you can hover Enhilex Address Book Software above your web browser or any other application, while you're filling in forms. This let's you quickly copy and paste your personal information or other data into the forms, which saves your valuable time! Many users of our program create a "My Home" card which holds their own home address, phone numbers, email address etc. Then, by simply typing 'home' in the search box, they can instantly copy and paste that information into any form or program.


tickLightning Fast in-memory database technology allows you to instantly search and access up to millions of records. All your data is loaded into memory, which is orders of magnitude faster than the disk-based access that most other programs use! This gives you instant searches and filters.

tickFlexible - This product allows you to work the way you want without being limited by a rigid framework. Most other personal databases force you to break up your data into separate fields like Address, City etc. These products stop you from simply copying and pasting a whole block of contact information into the application (from a web page for example).

For this reason alone, many people have expensive programs sitting unused on the shelf. Those programs are too cumbersome and slow to use because they force you to pre-format your data. Most people will never need to have their data broken into those separate fields. Unlike those products, the free-form design of our program is flexible enough to let you quickly copy and paste your data in.


tickOrganize your work and your life - never lose your information again. Because people are discouraged from using slow and difficult to use applications, many people do not store and organize their personal information in a consistent manner. Using Enhilex Address Book Software, you will finally be able to have quick and reliable access to your information, which will make you more organized than ever before.


tickStay on top feature - makes it easy to work with other applications. This feature lets you keep the program on top of other windows, even while you are working in other programs. This allows you to use it for reference to important information while you are working in other programs.

stay on top

tickEasy to backup and copy to a new computer. Many other programs complicate your life by making themselves too hard to backup or transfer to a new computer. They do this by installing some of their files into the Windows folder or by creating many Registry entries. If you try to just copy their program folder to a new computer, the program will not work. Enhilex Address Book Software makes life simple by keeping all it's files and settings in one folder. Thus, you can simply copy the folder to backup your data or transfer to a new computer!

tickEasy to use - Using our friendly Ribbon user interface you can quickly access all the program's functions without having to spend valuable time going through a steep learning curve.


tickCan store any type of text data - Most other personal databases restrict you to filling in fields like Name, Address etc. These other programs stop you from entering more abstract types of data into the database (for example your bank's opening hours, a list of web sites, measurements etc). Unlike those programs, our open-ended approach lets you store all the different types of text data you work with in one place, allowing fast and easy access when you need it most.

any data type

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